Throat and Voice

Throat and Voice

Throat Disorders

The throat is literally an intersection for the upper respiratory (breathing) and the upper digestive (eating) systems. The technical word for throat is “pharynx”, and it is defined as the area behind the nose and mouth, connecting them to the voice box and trachea, and esophagus below. Our breathing, eating and drinking all pass through the throat, so it is an extremely important and complex area.

Throat problems are relatively common. You’ve probably had a sore throat or hoarseness at some point in your life. Inflammation can cause these symptoms and can be from multiple sources including infections (viral, bacterial, fungal), chemical irritants (smoke, pollutants) or many other causes including allergies, and GERD (reflux of stomach acids into the throat). Other problems that commonly affect the throat include tonsillitis – an infection in the tonsils. Many throat problems are minor and go away on their own. We recommend an evaluation with one of our providers for any throat symptoms that last for more than two weeks.

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